The snows…they are melting! Time to do the walk-around to see what you need to do to your house this spring!

Yes, yes…we have a few more months left where snow and frigid temps could arrive, but that doesn’t mean you should wait on your planning for your yard! Not only do you have to coordinate timing during the season, it’s important to get your name on the schedule so we can be there at the best time you need us to get the project done. If you’re hoping to get a large project underway this spring—anything from major tree plantings, pavings and patios, or sodding—then you’ll need all the time you can get!

When it comes to landscape design, talk to the pros! Be sure to call Advance Landscape at 414-483-0299.

If you’re like most people, your lawn is brown and crunchy. This has been one hot summer!

Keep your lawn hydrated! Water the lawn often throughout the summer months. Very early in the morning, like around 5 a.m. allows the lawn to dry before nightfall, when fungus is most active. It’s also usually a non-peak time for most towns’ water supplies. Water early just a few times each week. Deep soaking encourages deep root growth, compared to light watering, which encourages the roots to stay close to the surface of the soil. Your lawn is then more susceptible to heat and drought.

So keep the sprinklers and water barrels armed and ready! Summer’s not quite over yet, and you want your lawn looking good as we start coming into fall!