Mulch ado about mulch!

April 4, 2011

One of the less glamorous parts of spring cleaning in your yard is when dealing with mulch. In the fall, it’s always “hurry up and heap it on”, but then there’s the matter of cleaning it up to prepare for new growth. It’s also important to understand where and when to apply it in the spring.

Many perennials need protection during the winter’s elements, which is where mulch comes into play. While some perennials will successfully breath through thick layers of mulch, it’s wise not to risk it. If your ground is thawing, which is around late winter or early spring, be sure to get mulch of your plants to avoid smothering them. It’ll help you to easily spot emerging plant sprouts, too. Once they do start peeking out and growing into adolescence, then you can add your mulch around them.

When it comes to applying new mulch to your vegetable garden or flower bed, evaluate your old mulch to see if it’s rotting. If not, you can still use it. Rake it to the side. Put down your protein-rich soil or compost and then rake the new and old mulch on top. When it is time to plant, very carefully move the mulch away from the area you’re planning to plant. Thanks to this advance planning, you won’t give weeds a chance to break free!

When it comes to landscape design, talk to the pros! Be sure to call Advance Landscape at 414-483-0299.

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