Take advantage of garden centers!

March 3, 2011

We’re gearing up for the grand opening of our garden center! Spring is a celebration of rebirth, and with it comes the beauty of plants, decorative rock and stone, fencing, accessories and lawn ornaments that will help show your lawn off!

While we have some stuff in stock for you, stopping by our garden center is a good way to get some ideas and get inspired when it comes time to developing your own design at home. And it’s not just flowers and plants we sell—keep in mind we have all matter of bulk and bagged materials you’ll need, from sod and fertilizer to seeds and bark mulch.

Planting time is coming up, and you can’t spend enough time planning out the perfect design! Our professionals are on staff—here, or we’re available to come by your home—to talk about your plans and help out where we can. Remember we have the equipment for all your landscape plans, from simple lawn maintenance to hardscapes and major yard overhauls.

Let’s bring spring in right! Call Advance Landscape at 414-483-0299 to see when our garden is having our grand opening!

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