Have a beautiful winter wonderland in your yard!

December 6, 2010

Snow can paint a beautiful landscape in the winter, but there are award-winning, art-inspired ways to make it the most beautiful yard on your block!

When it comes to different types of foliage, consider picking species with the following characteristics:
• Contains colorful berries that attract birds for bird watching
• Readily catches snow in its branches
• Exhibits a delicate structure
• Is clad in a bark that is colorful or that has an unusual texture
• Bears evergreen foliage
• Has an interesting branching pattern

Some examples of these plants are:
1. Christmas holly shrubs
2. red twig dogwood or red osier dogwood
3. plume grass
4. bayberry
5. cranberrybush viburnum
6. winterberry holly
7. birch trees
8. yew shrubs
9. Canadian hemlocks
10. Viking black chokeberry

One popular type of plant with striking, year-round foliage with bright berries that attracts a lot of birds is the evergreen holly. Sprigs of cut holly have long been used in winter holiday decorations. Many evergreen hollies are not hardy enough for far northern climates, but two of the hardier varieties are:
• China holly (Ilex meserveae), a rounded holly, 8′ high by 8′ wide, that is also drought tolerant, and
• compact inkberry holly (Ilex glabra ‘Compacta’), which has a dark green foliage that resembles that of boxwood shrubs. Its berry is black, not the usual red that we associate with hollies. It reaches a height of 3′-6′, and spreads out 3′-5′.

The list can go on and on, including various types of grasses and birch trees. When it comes to planning out an attractive design that works for your lawn and the cooler climate, be sure to call Advance Landscape at 414-483-0299.

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