Ugh…So many leaves!

November 7, 2010

Autumn is a gorgeous time to be out and about, but fabulous colors mean hard work and winterization.

A few leaves here and there, particularly those you can mulch with a lawn mower, will be fine to leave through the winter. They will eventually decompose and add to the nutrients of your lawn for the spring. Too many leaves, however, and your grass will start to die with suffocation. So what do you do?

A lot depends on the laws and guidelines of your hometown. Some cities allow you to rake or blow them onto the street where a streetsweeper will take them away. Same thing with branches and other large landscaping items.

Another option is burning them. Provided they’re not wet and it’s not too windy, a fire is a great way to dispose of your leaves—and it smells great! Of course, city ordinances can be strict with outside fires. Depending on where you live or how close you are to neighbors, fires may not be the way to go.

A leaf-blower is a fantastic and easy way to get your leaves in one pile, whether they’re going on a tarp or in the street. A rake can be used to fine-tune the piles, or to put the leaves in bags (yard bags that are designed to decompose can be found at any hardware or garden store.)

The absolute easiest mode of leaf clean-up is if you are lucky enough to have a lawn mower with bag attachment. No mulching or cutting needed! Gliding over your lawn, picking up leaves in the process, will give you a nice bucket of leaves that you can dispose of easily and quickly in whichever manner your choose.

Call today if you’d like some help winterizing your property, for landscape issues, aerating, or just need help with leaves. Call Advance Landscape at 414-483-0299.

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