Gardening Tips for January 2010

December 17, 2009

  • Brush or sweep heavy snow off evergreens to prevent breakage.
  • Have a pond? Use a floating pond de-icer to help your fish survive the winter.  
  • Feed birds in your landscape suet cakes because natural food sources are scarce at this time of year. Suet cakes and birdseed together  provide protein and fat for the birds that like to visit you!
  • Birds also need water. If you have a birdbath in your garden, be sure to use a de-icer to prevent the water from freezing. Advance Landscape Garden center has an extensive selection of birdseed, houses, feeders and other supplies to choose from
  • Prune fruit and shade trees if necessary.
  • January and February is a great time to apply cow manure and other organic soil conditioners to your garden. Apply 2″ deep in vegetable gardens and let the nutrients soak into the soil.
  • It is important to protect azaleas, rhododendrons, hollies and other broad-leafed evergreens to minimize moisture loss during the cold, windy winter. Apply an anti-desiccant such as Wilt-Pruf when the temperature is above 45 degrees F. These plants have more surface area of leaf tissue that is why it is important to protect these broad-leafed evergreens because they can lose moisture from the drying effects of the wind.
  • Water thoroughly on a day when the temperatures are above 40 degrees if we experience a dry or windy winter.
  • Turn over containers that have been left outside and empty. This will keep your water from freezing and cracking the container.
  • On icy sidewalks and driveways, use a good quality ice-melting product such as Mag (magnesium chloride). Do not use salt or rock salt for they may damage concrete or plant material.
  • If you have a water feature, be sure to check the pumps to make sure they are working properly. Larger pumps that move a lot of water typically will keep running throughout the winter without any problem. Smaller pumps, however, will most likely freeze and should be turned off for the winter.

Visit Advance Landscape Garden Center:  for all of your gardening and landscape needs!

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